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Inshore fishing charters In St.Petersburg, Florida

We take great pleasure in being able to regularly put our clients on giant fish by being on the water almost every day. We excel in Redfish, Snook, and Trout. Book Us Now!

Explore St. Petersburg’s Fishing Trips

Book fishing trip packages with our charters in St Petersberg. We offer a range of options, including half and full days, so you can get the whole experience of being on the water.

Here’s what you can expect from our trips, the time slots, and all the fish types we can help you catch.

Full Day Fishing Trips

Based on scheduling needs, these trips are 8 hours long and can run from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. or 11 a.m.-7 p.m.. These trips allow anglers to catch a variety of species from numerous spots.

A typical full-day trip aims to catch an inshore slam (Redfish, Snook, and Trout) and a run near shore for Kingfish, Cobia, Grunts, Snapper, Hogfish, and Grouper.

$750 FOR 2 PEOPLE, $50 Each additional angler (up to 4 total) FULL DAY TRIPS (8HRS)

Half Day Fishing Trips

Dive into the excitement of St. Petersburg’s Half Day Fishing Trip with Inspired Fishing Charters. Discover a thrilling aquatic adventure like no other.

Typically run about 5 hours, an extra fishing time than most! Target your most desired catches, whether for sport or filling the cooler. These trips can be scheduled for mornings or afternoons.

Most requested times include 8 am-1 pm or 2 pm-7 pm, but these times are flexible depending on scheduling needs. $550 FOR 2 PEOPLE $50 Each additional angler (up to 4 total) HALF DAY TRIPS (5HRS)

Tarpon Trips!

BOOKING NOW! for May – July. Are you ready to tackle the Silver King? From May through July, migrating tarpon passes the Suncoast, and we are ready to intercept them.

These trips are for the clients that want to focus on Tarpon only. The 6 hour trip will focus on a tide cycle to get your chance of hooking a sea monster. The Full day trip will include 2 tide cycles for even more shots at the King.

-$800 FOR 2 Anglers, (6Hrs)

-$1000 FOR 2 Anglers (8Hrs)

-$50 Each additional angler (up to 4 total, but the less the better for opportunities)

FULL DAY TRIPS (8HRS) Please indicate on your booking if you are booking a Tarpon trip.

Get Inspired With Fishing Charters

Inspired Fishing Charters is US Coast Guard licensed and insured. We specialize in inshore fishing for redfish, snook, and trout, as well as nearshore trips to wrecks and reefs.

As a lifelong local and guide for nearly 6 years, we believe there is no substitute for time on the water, and that knowledge allows our clients the best opportunity to catch the most memorable fish!

We provide clients with the tools and equipment to catch the most fish, have the most fun, and make the most of a day.

Whether you’re a family taking your kids fishing or serious, seasoned anglers, we tailor our trip to you!

Your fishing partner for a lifetime of memories.

Join us on an adventure where each cast is a chance, and each second spent on the water’s surface is motivational. Let Inspired Fishing Charter Company be your dependable collaborator in making lifelong experiences.

Who we are

Our dedication to ethical and sustainable fishing ensures that the next generation can enjoy our incredible fishery.

We’re here to educate others about the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay.

Our Inspired Values

Dive Into The Marine World With Us!

Our principles serve as the compass that directs all of our actions. We ensure that we create life-changing fishing adventures that respect nature and improve people’s quality of life.


Our goal is to create a world where fishing is more than simply a hobby; it's a way of life, where each fishing trip helps to protect aquatic ecosystems and leaves a lasting impression on future generations.


To stoke a love of fishing by introducing people to the wonders of nature, encouraging ethical fishing methods, and creating a close-knit fishing community.

Fishing Hot Spots

Areas we love to fish

Are you planning your next fishing trip but don’t know where to start? Get in touch with Inspired fishing charters and discover various sea exploration options.

Take a look at some of our featured spots!

Meet Our Captain

Capt. Skylar Wilks | Founder of Company

Meet Captain Skylar Wilks, the visionary behind our company. With over 7 years of dedicated experience, he ensures exceptional fishing adventures for all.

Trophy Snook A Battle in Shallow Waters - inspired fishing charters


Trophy Snook: A Battle in Shallow Waters.

This is what a trophy snook looks like! This fish measured more than 41 inches long and put up the fight of a lifetime while fishing in only a few feet of water near the shore.

Stay tuned for our upcoming fishing events and cruises so you don’t miss out on all the exciting water adventures.