March 2022

As March begins the warming trend leading up to summer, the redfish are on the move. We have for the first time this winter had water temps move in the 70’s and hold for any length of time. The first week of March has ranged from 70 degrees to 76 degrees at times. There was lots of sunshine, bait, and negative tides for the past few days. The snook have become fired up in tidal points and mangrove shadows, as the water would rapidly increase 4-5 degrees within a few hour span and the fish would retreat under the trees for cover. March is a transitional month; redfish and snook begin to make their way out of the backwaters and creeks heading for spawning grounds and bigger meals, in the bay and in the passes.       

March is notorious for windy days and with a cold front coming through the weekend of the 12th, the wind gusts are calling for 30+. However, aside from the front the bait is starting to show up on the flats in bigger schools and sizes, while threadfins have started to take over the bridges and piers, pass crabs have also begun to flush. March – May are my favorite months to fish and with spring break upon us, guiding is in full swing. This warming trend has brought the deeper water fish in closer to the beaches.

These springtime months give way for fish like mackerel and bonito, as species like sheepshead, begin to slow down as they move to deeper, cooler, water. If this trend continues, we should see that 75-degree mark sustained as kingfish will move in toward the beaches and tarpon will begin their migration north.

Good luck this month……Capt. Skylar

Capt. Skylar Wilks